Big Mamma’s – Smoked Meat, Salads, HUGE servings!

Caf-Eh! – Specialty Coffee – Coming Soon!

Di’s Fries – Voted BEST FRIES in London 2018!

Li’l Slice of Heaven – Cheesecake, pies & hard to find treats!

Lin’s Bubble Tea Super tasty and fresh bubble tea!

Mr. Burrito – Tasty Mexican Food

Sidena’s – Authentic Caribbean Food

Waffle Co. – Amazing Waffles variety of toppings!

Wrappers/Wowzers – All Day Breakfast Buffet & more!


Di’s Fry Truck out front (open 7 days a week!) Fry Truck & Di’s Side Kick around back open Sat & Sun 9-5

Featuring the Best Fries In Town! Hamburgers, poutine, hot dogs and more!

Dis Fries 0ct 2017


They offer a huge variety of fantastic food items!

Fresh healthy wraps, burgers, fries, smoothies, poutine, breakfast & more!

$9 for any 3 items of your choosing includes pop! Items always changing. $9 (it’s a lot of food!)

Signature burger (5oz of hand pressed lean ground beef) plus onion rings & pop $8.99

Small $2.50
Medium $2.99
Wowzer $4.99

Traditional $5.99
Fancy $7.99 (wasn’t sure what to call the other type)

$10 Buffet Breakfast, served from 9am – 3pm – pick from a variety of items on the hot table! A pile of food!

Strawberry Banana
Berry Cherry
Mango Medley
Strawberry Blueberry
Tropical Fruit
Add spinach for $1


Sidena’s Authentic Caribbean Food!

Sidena 2

Come get something spicy!


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