Start Your Business Today!

The best way to get into business - BE in business and opening your business couldn't be easier!

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Did you know you could be making a living working as little as 2 days a week?

A number of our vendors do just that. They take advantage of:

  • Low start-up costs and low rent
  • Thousands of customers that come through the market every weekend
  • Free marketing services that include social media, web page creation, video & more
  • Free guidance provided by the successful business people already in business

Opening a Micro Business at a busy market is a smart way to get your foot in the door.

Once you’ve opened a successful booth, hire someone and open another!

Five small booths earning a profit of just $200 a weekend is a $1000 income for you.

And why not open an online store as well? If you’re selling goods and services you could easily have an online component.