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An $85 booth in a market can generate thousands of dollars in sales over a weekend. There are a number of vendors at the market who work as little as 2 days a week and make a good living for those part time hours.

Did you know there are grants and loans available for you to start a business?

We can help you with that!

Step by step:
1) Assess your business concept and help develop it
2) Assess your marketing needs (they’re free when you have a booth in the market!)
3) Help you put together a business plan
4) Help you apply for loans and grants
5) Make sure your booth looks good, and can be found by customers
6) Plan a launch event/grand opening for your business
7) Get you off to a great start as a small business owner


We want you to have a successful booth , it’s good for you and it’s good for the market.
For this reason we have prepared the following road-map/checklist to help guide you to a successful business venture!


Feel free to email with any questions you might have about picking a product or service, setting up a booth, getting your marketing started.


– what does the market already have? What don’t they have?
– is someone in the marketing already selling what you want to sell?
– some markets will only allow one vendor of a certain type in the market at any one time, so consider a different product or service.
– go to the market and look around, what booths are busy, which booths aren’t?
– who are you trying to sell your items there, do you see potential customers for your business?
– talk to the market manager, they can give you great insight into what works and what doesn’t.
– how does the traffic flow through the market, can you get into high traffic area?
– can you get your booth beside a busy booth?

We can help you with this! (for free!)

– you’ve picked your business idea and you’re going to book your booth now make sure to get the word out.
– plan a grand opening weekend with contests, prizes, give aways and discounts – something to make it fun.
– how about a celebrity personality signing autographs? They get paid by signing autographs and merchandise, you just have to book them spread the word they will be there.
– use social media to tell everyone you know about your booth and your grand opening weekend.
– give yourself 3 or 4 weeks in advance of opening to get the word out.
– use our free in house marketing to run promotions and contests, it makes a big difference.
– make sure you provide pictures and information to the markets social media marketer to get the most out of that service – it’s free advertising and it matters!

We can help you with this as well! (for free!)

– your signage should be as professional as you can afford. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or a vinyl sign, it can be hand built, but make sure it looks good.
– ask if you can paint the wood around your booth – sometimes it’s just bare and unfinished, painting it can make a big difference in how your booth looks.
– cover your table with something bright and eye catching.
– additional signage – explaining the services you offer, or some great prices/deals you may have.
– a small TV – running videos and pictures of your products and sales information – we will help you produce those video’s for free!
– lighting – consider bringing in some fun LED lights or other types of lighting to make your booth stand out.
– display cases – if you need display cases, ask the market manager, he may know where you can find some.
– your business may be small to start, but these are important aspects to making your business look successful and professional.
– ask yourself, “would I buy something from this booth? If not, why not?”

We can help you with this too, also for free!

– being friendly, smiling at people, encouraging people to stop at your booth help a lot in the sales process.
– educate, offer free samples, don’t be too aggressive, but don’t expect people to realize they need what you’re offering until you tell them!
– educating customers regarding your product or service is part of the process of selling. Video’s are a great way to educate and sell at the same time.
– have signage that highlights great deals so people will stop to inquire is also helpful.
– learn how to “haggle” or make a deal – some customers want a bargain! Giving a customer an item “tax free” or $5 off or 50% of a second item can really help boost sales.
– if someone is buying from you, check and see if there’s anything else they are interested – this is called “multiples” and can really boost your income.
– return policy – have a clear and fair return policy. Tell the customer what it is. Honour it.

Guess what, there’s help with this too! And for free!

– look at what is selling in your booth and figure out why, have more items in this category if possible.
– look at what is not selling in your booth and figure out why, consider selling off these items to clear space.
– is there a booth in the market that is doing well but closing up due to retirement, moving into a larger facility, etc? is this something you could take over.
– ask the markets Social Media Marketing person for statistics on posts and contests related to your business as well as marketing ideas and free services.
– ask the markets social media marketing person to do a customer poll/customer to find out more about your ideal customers and how to attract them.

Yep, you guessed it, we help you with this as well! For free!

– don’t expect your business to take off overnight although it can happen, you’ve got thousands of potential customers looking for something good to buy.
– it can take time for shoppers to become familiar with your booth, services and products, so smile and educate!
– don’t expect the market to be busy all day or every weekend, traffic goes up and down, but be ready to sell when the customers are there.
– when the market is slow, clean and organize your booth, come up with marketing ideas to promote your booth, do your own social media posting.
– keep trying new things, new products and services until you find the ones that “sell themselves” drop the stuff that no one wants.
– if you can’t run a booth on your own, if you need help, find some partners to share the booth with, or hire an employee – the market may have some names for you!
– keep reviewing your marketing and products to ensure the most effective

We want you to succeed, if you’re successful, the market is successful. Check out for a list of the services you will have access to when you join the market.

– markets have a high level of community and socialization, make some friends while you’re there!
– make your sales approach into a game – try different ways of connecting with customers, keep a tally of which ones results in a favourable response or a sale!
– think of fun ways to let people know about your booth and then use social media to get the word out.
– count your cash at the end of the day and know you are a successful business owner!

Running a successful booth at the market can be social, exciting, fun and profitable! Take some time to learn what works, plan for success and reap your rewards!

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