A Unique Shopping Experience!

The only place in London you’ll find the diversity of vendors and items you want.

Treats, deals, vintage, collector, yard  sale, clothing, electronics, vaping supplies, mini doughnuts, Spicer’s Doughnuts, Big Mammas, Wowzers, Wrappers, Sidena’s Authentic Jamaican Food, Mexican Food, Newfie Food, Di’s Fries, Fireroasted Coffee, The Cheese Trap, Furniture, cell phone covers and repair, Android TV, video games (current and vintage), Sports Jerseys, Musical Instruments from JJ’s Music, Vintage Stereo Equipment, Anthony’s Body Piercing, The T-shirt Hut, DVD’s, Bath Bomb’s, Scented Wax Melts, K-Cups, Marinated Meats, Butcher Meats, Fruits & Veggies, Jewelry,  and a WHOLE LOT MORE! 

                               London Ontario’s Best Weekend Market Since 1991

“Gibraltar Trade Centre, It’s the ultimate!!”




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  1. hello. im curious as to what you charge to set up a booth in your facility. please email me back with pricing and how I go about setting up. thank you for your time.
    kyle golanch

    1. There are a couple vendors selling used electronics inside and different vendors selling used items outside in the weekly yard sales. The outdoor structure with the yard sales is just starting up for the season, but it would be very hit or miss to find.

  2. How do I get ahold of people from the Video Game booths? Or can you have them contact me? I am from out of province but I would like to purchase some of their goods.

  3. I have many items, prints, accessories, etc. is any vendor interested in purchasing for resale at Gibraltar?

      1. Will send pictures or someone can stop by to see them. Have over dozen prints and do not want to load in vehicle with chance of damage. let me know, send me an email address if you wish pictures.

    1. I can send pictures or someone can stop by to see them. I have over dozen pc’s of artwork, do not want to load them up in vehicle with chance of damage. Send email address and I can send pictures if you wish.

  4. looking to contact the gentleman that runs a small knife booth called London Knives. Any info would be appreciated. TY

  5. I live in windsor and try to get up to London a few times a year to shop. The last time I was there I got some beef jerky from a vender and would like to no there name so I can maybe order some jerky. Thanks

  6. Is there a Sports memoralbilia vendor with a booth that buys/ sells at the Market & do they have email or phone * Thank-you

  7. I live out of town and haven’t been to Gibraltar’s since the 90’s!! Was wondering if a vendor there would happen to have crystal balls for sale…and no, I’m not not a gypsy haha I’m looking for a crystal ball for photography purposes. Thanks.

  8. Anyone hiring inside the Gibratar Market? My 3 year old daughter starts school this September and I’m trying to get back into the work force again, thank you

  9. I contacted a gentleman who also has a booth in the Chatham Farmer’s Market…he runs A.T. Cell Phone Repairs…where is he located in the Gibraltar Trade Center, if I enter through the back door where they usually set up for outdoor sales.

  10. Looking forward to our first visit to Gibraltar today! Coming from Windsor just to check it out! See ya in a few hours! 😀

    1. Hi, yes there is a vendor that sells Android TV boxes. Londonmygica you check out their web site and you will find them near the front of the market. If you go in the front door, past Wowzers and past the video game store, then take your first left and past approximately 5 booths you will find them.

  11. Want to know how to call a vendor prior to going to the market. Specifically to get some jewelry repaired. Do you have a vendor contact list?


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