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For many of us meat is an important part of our daily lives: besides being a tasty pleasure, it nourishes us and our families.

Have you ever bought meat from the grocery store and felt a little uncertain about it? I have, to the point where I threw it out rather than eating something I wasn’t feeling good about.

You will NEVER have that experience at Bob’s Ultimate Meats – he’s a professional butcher, and no meat shall be served from his counter that isn’t top notch and of the highest quality.

Why spend $100 on a steak at a restaurant, when you can get a better cut from Bob at a fraction of the price and cook it at home? BBQing in the winter works!

And don’t forget his pepperettes! Famous all over Ontario! Eight different varieties!

Bob's - Pepperettes

mild pepperettes
spicy pepperettes
honey garlic pepperettes
European style mild pepperettes
European style hot pepperettes
mild pettit pepperettes
spicy pettit pepperettes
all beef pettit pepperettes

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