1. hi i’m looking for a t-shirt of pink fylod, more specicly the shirt of tthe concert in australia in 1997 or arond there.if someone knows their music, well pls let me know i need an xl thanks . nathalie

  2. One of my favourite places at Gibraltar is “Lisa’s Gold Line” I know they have been there since the market opened which is 23years ago, their prices are always very reasonable, and great service. Too bad I do not see their stall on this page but hope this will be rectified.

  3. Hi there,

    I am looking for old cast iron skillets and pans. Do any of the vendors at this flea market have such items?


    1. Yes we do, we have two vintage game vendors but their inventory changes regularly. Best thing is to come into the market. One is by the Dundas entrance (front doors) the other is at the very back on the same side. Good luck!

    1. Hi, the inventory at the market changes weekly, several vendors carry the type of item you are asking about, it would be best to come in and ask. They may also be able to order the item for you.

  4. We are looking for a party tent 10′ x 20′. Is there someone selling tents there, we would told be someone who bought one there a couple of years ago.

  5. looking for silk screen or heat transfer tshirts for kids. specifically rock and punk bands (like what you used to get at commander salamander)

  6. looking for the place that sells used and new cell phones in there bought a phone yesterday and that phone pin is blocked on it so i cant even use it it thanks in advance

    1. Hi, yes My Gica London has a booth in the market, by the Movie Guy. If you come in the front of the market, take the first left and keep walking, you can’t miss it! If you find yourself in the furniture section you went too far!

  7. Wow I was very impressed with the Vintage HiFi shop.. Very courteous .. I purchased a system and I tell all my friends to drop in and see it .. very unique..

  8. We purchased the Mexican hoodies from one of your vendors last Christmas. Do you know if they are available to purchase again this year

    1. Hi Kim, the market is constantly changing, vendors and merchandise. Best bet would be to come in and look around. If you’ve got kids, we’ve got free pictures with Santa (for 10 and under) and super cheap if over 10 🙂

  9. Awhile ago I bought a bracelet from one of your vendors and went back this past weekend to buy more but couldn’t find her. Was hoping you could help me contact her…she sold the jewellery with the interchangeable snaps. I would be ever so grateful for any information on her, thanks!

  10. I was wondering how to contact the sports clothing person . Looking for some Canada hockey jerseys for my son and I .Mike F

  11. Hi. I am still trying to get into contact with the owners of Moir’s Custom Jewellery that closed down back in August 2016. It’s going on 7 months since my jewellery has been missing. They still have my ring that was in for repair the same week they closed down. I would like my ring back. Not only is it sentimental, but it is also 14K gold, has 11 diamonds and a large sapphire. It is also quite valuable. Please help!!!

  12. I would like a vendor to contacting me regarding a large DVD movie collection. Please forward my information to them. Thank you

  13. HI there! I’m looking for Texas apparel. Anything that says Texas on it, or any Texas sports team (Dallas Stars, Texas rangers etc). It’s for a gift! I’d rather buy it local than online, so if it’s possible I can find something here please let me know!

  14. Hi there. Wondering what the name of the Collectible Cards/Game store is, closest to the rear entrance (Off Third Street Parking, with Di’s Fries). Thank you!


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