Our Flea Vendors

Anthony’s Body Piercing

Bear’s Den

B&D Enterprises

Brandy Sue’s Something New

Cell Phone Repair Centre

Covert Overt Tactical

Drop The Bomb Bath Company

Game Generation

Game Mart

Gemstones “N” Silver

Gibraltar Yard Sale & Event Centre

Heather’s Body Piercing Jewellery

JJ Worldwide Music

Jungle Services

Karson Sales

Katie’s Unique Boutique

Let’s Make a Deal

Lisa’s Gold Line

London My Gica

Lucy’s Books

Major League Sales

Mena Sena

Mini Doughnut

Movie Guy

Next Marketing (Carpets)

Quality Sound

Ray’s Diecast

Sang’s Jewellery

Smokeless Joes

Tesori (Decor)

The Great Escape

The Movie Guy

T-Shirt Hut

Vincent Jeweller

Wayne’s Collectibles



  1. Hi there. Wondering what the name of the Collectible Cards/Game store is, closest to the rear entrance (Off Third Street Parking, with Di’s Fries). Thank you!

  2. Yes, there are at least 2 vendors which sell cell phone accessories. As phone batteries are unique to each manufacturer and sometimes even phone models, they may or may not have the battery you are looking for.


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